Things to Look for When You Pick a School for Your Child

One of the most important choices you’ll make for your child is where they go to school. A good school will provide a supportive environment and give them a lifelong love of learning, so it’s worth looking around and deciding which place will help your child to thrive. Look out for these key things when you’re trying to choose a school.

International schools can be a great option

Whether you’re an expat, or simply live near an international school, they can be a great option for your children. Schools such as provide a quality curriculum, and because they have pupils from around the world, it’s varied and can open up your child’s mind. Kids often love international schools because they make friends from different cultures and develop a love of the world.

Look for the extracurricular offerings

The kinds of extracurriculars on offer are important, because:

  • Universities often look for extracurriculars on applications, so your child should do at least one
  • Things like sports can be good for kids, as they help them stay fit and healthy
  • They’re a good opportunity for kids to make friends outside of their class and the usual social circles

When you visit a school, don’t just look at what they offer during school hours, but also what’s available to kids in their spare time, as this will ensure they get a well-rounded education.

Also, look at what facilities are on offer. If your child likes sport, then find out whether they have a football pitch, tennis courts or other space, as they’ll be more likely to encourage your child.

A wide range of subjects need to be offered

Most countries have a basic curriculum which all schools have to offer, but good schools will usually give students a few more choices beyond this. For example, they might offer additional languages, advanced science, or unusual courses like classics or Latin. Even if your kids aren’t particularly interested in these subjects right now, it’s useful to know that they can do them in future if they want.

Your child will spend several years in school, so it’s important that they find a place where they are happy. Schools vary a lot in quality, so it’s important that you do some research and look beyond the glossy brochures. It’s often very obvious whether a school is good or not when you visit and take in the atmosphere and look at what they can offer your child should they enrol.