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The Debate on Anti-aging Medicine

Time ticks, and so does the human living span. Every day we live knowing that we are moving closer to life’s finish line. When you discover one white hair that multiplies in months, you realize you are playing catch up with age. The door opens ups ushering you to another last lap in life. The phobia of the unknown starts encouraging, and before you know it, your memory starts playing games by not remembering precise details despite a short span of events. If you are lucky enough to bump into people like Dr. Dominique Fradin Read before ushering the new age level, you will see life from another perspective despite your age. Through the practice of anti-aging medicine, science has proven that it can alter human life span to cheat death for a while, presenting a debate front today.

What is Preventive and Anti-aging Medicine?

Only through religion is one poised to believe in eternal life. Humans have practiced cryonics through technology and science, making some people feel in future resuscitation after agreeing to be frozen. “Scientists’ caliber of Dr. Dominique Fradin Read would tell you that anti-aging medicine is purely through extensive research and practice.” Therefore, Anti-aging treatment does not involve any resuscitations but treats underlying causes of aging. It serves the purpose of trying to increase your life span by alleviating age-related diseases putting your body and health in a tremendous healthy shape. Therefore, through some preventive measures, one can adequately pursue age longevity with the correct physician or health facility.



What does preventive anti-aging entail?

Preventive anti-aging a journey that requires your ability to commit to your doctor. The physicians should advise you on things to do with the diet medically, exercise, moisturizers, supplements, hormones, etc. Therefore, it might need you to have a different health specialist. However, this can be made easier if you find a well-rounded professional with experience and expertise in such a field. The bone of contention on Anti-aging medicine has been on ethics as the emergence of quasi-medical concepts tied to other sociological aspects as historical, cultural anthropology, and religion. Perhaps the argument of nature comes into play which advocates for better anti-aging preventive measures.

Natural Age Preventive Age Measures 

Nature has presented different elements that significantly help in aging with scientific effects. The elements naturally occur in the environment but have positive medicinal effects on humans.

Water: The phrase water is life is experienced in the preventive measure of anti-aging. Drinking water moisturizes the human skin perfectly, which might be time before wrinkles check-in.

Sunlight: Sunlight help your skin become fair and supple. Also, the body’s calcium is well maintained, preventing it from being brittle; hence your bones are made strong through the natural sunlight.

Sleep: Unfortunately, some people have insomnia—however, good and enough sleep help in tackling the wrinkle dilemma that tends to come with age.

Other natural measures revolve around things like honey, charcoal, and algae, besides other natural elements that crown your age with beauty.

In conclusion, the current growth in science and technology revolutionizing medicine has made it easier and efficient to access information regarding preventive anti-aging measures. With easy access to health specialists, your health should not be put in a gamble while approaching the age bracket. Either through nature or science, Anti-aging medicine and measures make you look young and energetic again. Therefore, the debate on Anti-aging medicine rests with you choosing whether to pursue the medical way, which might involve medication through drugs, or let nature have its way as you commit to the natural preventive measures of anti-aging.