The Blended Family Living Trust – Dealing With Multiple Marriage Estate Planning Issues

Estate Planning sure could possibly get complicated if you have been married more often than once. Exactly how should we keep everybody happy whenever we generate a living rely upon California? I am talking about, there is the wife and youngsters in the first marriage and today the brand new existence using the new kids within the home using the new wife. It’s certainly a juggling act.

What are going to is to establish a Blended Family Living Trust to handle these estate planning issues when designing our California Living Trusts involving multiple marriages.

Let us face the facts – it’s more prevalent these days using the 50 % California divorce rate.

California is really a community-property Condition, so everything accrued throughout the married is associated with both spouses. Quite simply, you are only titled to 1 / 2 of that new house. Furthermore, you are able to only leave your portion in which you want, or perhaps your half. She will get to depart her half where she would like. Individuals community assets are jointly owned.

This is a possible solution for you personally – let us take a look at Jim and Jan.

Within our example, Jim marries Jan, all of them take presctiption their second marriage with each having a young child along with a home using their first marriage, And they’ve a brand new child along with a new house purchased together. In this way, we are able to make an effort to cover the whole gamut of options.

June is Jim’s kid from his first marriage and Joey is Jan’s child from her first marriage. Jesse is the newborn.

Are we able to do all this inside a Living Trust?

The reply is yes with two trusts: a Jim Trust along with a Jan Trust.

By doing this Jim and Jan each leave their first house for their first marriage kids. Within this example, Jim leaves his rental the place to find June (his child from his first marriage) and Jan will the same goes with Joey (her child from his first marriage).

But they’ll most likely wish to leave the brand new the place to find one another, unless of course each of them perish, it will visit the new child as well as split it between your new child and yet another children. The options are endless.

It might be awkward if Joe died and Joe left his 1 / 2 of their new house to his kids, forcing Jan to purchase out Joe’s kids from his first marriage?

I’ve observed this. Joyce remarried Bill plus they were each tenants in keeping. When Bill passed, Bill’s area of the home (1/2) visited his daughter. The home was compensated for at that time (no mortgage), but Joyce needed to buy Bill’s daughter out, burdening the upon the market Joyce having a mortgage refinance to be able to raise cash for that buyout.