Should You Paint Your Ceilings & Walls with the Same Colour? 

When you are redecorating the interior design of your home, you must carefully choose the paint. The paint colour hugely influences the look of the space. You will have to plan the painting job beforehand to avoid any confusion.

One of the most common confusion people face while painting home interiors is choosing the colour for the ceiling. While many people believe choosing a different colour is better, you can paint the walls and ceiling the same colour depending on your preferences. It is a very popular trend that has gained acclamation in the last few years. If you are not sure about choosing the same wall and ceiling colour, here are a few advantages of choosing it that will convince you:

01 of 05 Creates the illusion of a larger space

Many people are unhappy with their small homes in urban cities. You can easily deal with this issue by choosing the same ceiling and wall colour. This is a very popular trick used by experts to make a room appear higher. Therefore, the room appears bigger than its actual size. Having crown moulding facilitates it.

This is because the room has a seamless look when you have the same wall and ceiling colour. Your eyes do not get interrupted and get drawn upwards naturally. It is always better to choose light shades for this purpose. Light shades reflect more light and make the interiors appear brighter. Also, they will make the surfaces recede and create the illusion of a larger space.

02 of 05 Angled ceilings do not look choppy

Tackling angled ceilings can be a little difficult. This is because they appear choppy. It destroys the seamless look of the interior design of your home. People with low ceilings are affected by this the most. You can solve this issue by choosing the same ceiling and wall colour. The continuous look will not draw eyes to the choppy appearance. Therefore, your home interior design will appear more appealing. Also, consider choosing lighter shades when the ceiling is very low. It will help to get an airy look.

03 of 05 Give your large rooms a cosy feel

Some people have the luxury of large rooms. However, they often cannot design it properly. As a result, the interior design falls flat. You can easily keep it from appearing boring by giving it a cosy feel. It can be done by painting the walls and ceiling the same colour. This will prevent the space from appearing empty and ensure you can add a luxurious feel to the room interiors. However, you do not have to keep yourself limited to lighter shades in a large room. Experts always recommend choosing darker shades for this purpose. You will feel more welcome and invited to your home interiors.

04 of 05 There are no chances of clashing undertones

White is one of the most popular shades used in home interiors, but you will have to be careful while choosing it. This is because the tone of this colour does not always stay the same. It may look slightly different after you paint your wall. It happens because it reflects the colour next to it. However, you will not have to worry about clashing undertones when you choose the same wall and ceiling colour. Since only one colour is used, you can choose any colour for the ceiling and walls without worrying that it can reflect other colours used on the walls or ceiling.

05 of 05 A great backdrop to keep other elements highlighted

There are many interesting decor elements you can add to your home interior design. They will help to elevate the appeal of the space. You will have to ensure you decorate these in a manner that they stay highlighted and naturally draw the eyes to them. However, it may not be possible if you have a disturbance in the background.

This problem can be solved by choosing just one colour for the ceiling and walls. It will help to ensure that the background stays completely uninterrupted. As a result, the items will stay highlighted and accentuate the space. Consider choosing a lighter shade for the background and dark shades for the decor elements. This will add more contrast to the space and make it feel more dramatic.

For instance, painting your walls and ceiling brown is a brilliant idea if you have deep blue furnishings. The background will allow the colour to pop. Similarly, you can choose red for the furnishing to give the space a warmer tone and make it appear more appealing and inviting.