Key Consideration When Selecting a Swimming Pool Certifier

If you lease or sell a home in Australia that has a swimming pool, you need to comply with stringent safety standards and local, state regulations. Having a swimming pool on your premises is great during the warm summer months, it offers you a place to relax and unwind or an area to enjoy with the kids. If you are looking for a reputable swimming pool certification company, it is important to take various factors into consideration.

Range of Services

A professional pool inspection team will offer a wide variety of services, they’ll be able to provide an in-depth report on the state of your pool and what you need to do to ensure you stay compliant. You’ll need a company who offers various pool safety inspections, not just a single service. An established business that provides pool compliance in Sydney will be able to do anything from basic to premium services. A basic service generally consists of a pool barrier inspection followed by a written report, in contrast, a full package usually includes a walk-through inspection and superior report. A first-class pool certifier should be able to offer a service that suits your specific needs and price range.

Clear Lines of Communication

To stay compliant, you must deal with a pool certifier who can communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. After they’ve completed the inspection of your pool, they must provide a concise, detailed report of the area. This evaluation will help you to clearly understand compliant and non-compliant areas, so you can identify the issues and look to resolve them.

The certifier shouldn’t just point out the problems, they must offer recommendations on how to fix the issues, so you don’t run into any problems down the road. When choosing a pool certifier, you are aiming for a knowledgeable business that can detect any problems and offer advice on how to implement change.

Efficient Service

There are times when you’ll need a pool certifier to visit your premises and assess your pool without delay. If an inspector comes to evaluate your pool and takes weeks to send you back a non-compliance form, you could easily lose a sale or miss out on buying a home. A professional pool certification team won’t take weeks to issue a compliance document, they’ll have it done within a week.


Another good point to take under consideration is the cost of the assessment. Although pool certification companies will vary in terms of pricing, the best businesses all offer a similar pricing structure. Don’t settle for a pool certification company just because they offer discounted prices, their service probably won’t be as good as other more expensive companies.

Taking care of your pool by ensuring it is compliant is an important part of safety and shouldn’t be taken for granted. When choosing a pool certifier, don’t make a hasty decision. There are plenty of first-class companies up and down the country, you just need to do some research when identifying a reputable and dependable business in your area.

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