How to Style a Bed For Your Bedroom

The bed is certainly the most important bedroom furniture piece. It ensures that you can relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. However, comfort is not the only aspect that requires your attention. You will have to pay attention to the appearance of your bed as well. This is because it is the primary bedroom furniture. You will have to make your bed in a manner that not only does it complement the overall appearance of the bedroom design but also appears luxurious. Although it may seem like a very easy task, it is actually not. You will require some creativity and have to put in some effort. From the pillows to the bedsheet, every element on the bed requires your attention. If you are not sure about how to style a bed for your bedroom, here are a few options you can take inspiration from:

01 of 05 The minimalist

When making your bed, you can consider the minimalist style. It is one of the most popular options in modern homes. As the name suggests, this style focuses on keeping everything simple and minimal. However, this does not mean that the style is not cosy and practical. It is the best option for people who do not want any unnecessary throw pillows or blankets for enhancing aesthetic beauty. When it comes to choosing the headboard, always choose a light and low-key option. Many people consider getting rid of one completely as well. Your primary concern when styling your bed in this manner should be premium quality sheets and pillows. If you have a decent budget, choose a 300 thread count bed sheet and cosy duvet cover. The number of pillows on the bed should not exceed four. Keep all of them against the headboard. Avoid pillow covers that are very flashy and colourful.

02 of 05 Take care of the basics

When styling your bed, you can decide to stick to just the basics. Hence, you can add bed sheets, comforters, and sleeping pillows to your bed. Although this is similar to the minimalist style, this style features more types of pillows and throw blankets. Hence, you can consider this style a step up from the minimalist style. People with a queen bed can add two euro shams and sleep pillows to the bed. The number is increased for king-size beds so that the area appears balanced. You can add a few lumbar pillows and throw pillows as well depending on your preferences and your bedroom interior design. Just make sure that all the items are folded and kept neatly on your bed.

03 of 05 Choose a cosy style

As mentioned earlier, you relax and sleep on your bed. Hence, this space should be cosy so that you can rest properly. You can make your bed a cosy space by adding a lot of elements to the space. One of the easiest ways to give the bed a cosy style is by layering. By adding lots of extra cosy textures, you can make any space appear more comfortable. Just get a few good-quality bed sheets, sleeping pillows, quilt, and duvet. Many small pillows of different shapes and colours can be added to the bed for a cosy feel as well. Also, get a headboard that is upholstered. It will ensure that the headboard matches the look of your bed. While choosing a cosy style, always remember that you must include many different shapes, sizes, textures, and patterns.

04 of 05 Go for the mid-century modern style

Since the bedroom is a private space, you can give the area any design you want. This will ensure you feel comfortable. Hence, you can experiment with any bedroom interior design style you want. The bed can be used to show off your ideas and preferences. You will find elements like wood finishes, neutral colours, practicality, simplicity, and even modern prints in mid-century modern bedroom designs. Also, do not forget to add a few geometric shapes to the setup for a visually appealing look. Many other design elements can be introduced to your bedding prints and decor also.

05 of 05 Opt for the Boho style

You can introduce the boho elements to your bedding as well for adding more visual interest to your bedroom decor. In the bohemian style, lots of colours, patterns, and materials are used to make the space appealing. You can go bold with bright colors and patterns to make a statement. Hence, people who love prints, botanical patterns, and other artsy elements should opt for the boho style. If you create this style, always add neutral and earthy tones first and then introduce the bold colors and prints.