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Christmas Decor Hanging Hacks That Won’t Damage Your Walls

The garlands and tinsel have been unrolled, new stockings have been bought, and rolls of string lights have been tested. You’re ready to start decorating for Christmas!

But one thing may be in your way, and that’s the logistics of decorating. If you live in a rental, in particular, nailing things to your walls, ceilings, and banisters is prohibited. And even if you live in your own home, using nails and screws to hang your holiday decorations leaves unsightly holes and marks on surfaces once it’s time to pack everything back up.

Don’t fret, though, because we know a technique or four that can solve your Christmas decoration hanging dilemma. Keep your home festive all season by following these holiday decor hanging hacks:

     1. Fasten with floral wires.

Floral wires are extremely bendable, thin wires usually used to reinforce the stems of flowers to make beautiful bouquets. But these wires are also often used to secure one thing onto another, like bows to wreaths.

Since they come in every color imaginable, floral wires are the perfect fasteners when you want to wrap and secure garland down your banister. You can also decorate your windows with tinsel by placing it against the curtain rod and securing it with the wire wrapped around the rod.

     2. Tie them with twine.

Give your home a little more of a rustic look this Christmas by using twine as a holiday decoration fastener.

You can hang ornaments on strings of twine and wrap it around a curtain rod to make your windows look festive. Do the same in other parts of your house and utilize the surfaces where you can wrap the twine around something without hammering a nail into the walls.

     3. Go for good ol’ glue.

One of the easiest ways to attach Christmas decorations in your home is to glue them directly. Some paper decor, like cutouts of snowmen or snowflakes, you can stick to your walls and other surfaces using regular liquid glue. When the season’s over, and you need to remove them, peeling them off will be a breeze!

Like a string of lights or garlands, heavy or bulkier decorations can stick to surfaces using hot glue. Just beware that hot glue can peel off paint and melt certain surfaces like stucco.

     4. Hold them up with hooks.

If you want a multipurpose hanging solution not just for your Christmas decorations but also for your regular home decor, Command hooks are the best choice. These hooks feature a non-damaging double-sided adhesive tape on the back and come in different sizes, perfect for holding light to heavy items.

For your Christmas decorations, you can use Command hooks to hold up the wreath on your door, stockings on the fireplace, and garlands on different surfaces. When the holiday season is over, the Command hooks you stuck to your walls can hold up different decor pieces, such as wall art and picture frames.

With these creative solutions to putting up and securing your seasonal decorations, you can keep your home festive without permanently damaging your walls, mantels, windows, and other surfaces of your home.

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Dinosaurs remind us to rescue the endangered species

The threat

In the contemporary world where technology is exponentially increasing and machines are replacing humans in many areas, there are several challenges which the technology cannot deal with and they require the grave attention of the Human race. One of such challenges is to save the endangered species. Species have been going extinct in the past as well due to different reasons, but the number today is greater than ever. Out of 41,415 species present on the IUCN Red List, 16,306 are endangered species which means that they are on the verge of extinction. It is said that the effect of human activities on nature is extremely catastrophic and it has led to endangering a large number of species. According to a report, about 200 to 2000 species go extinct every year. More than half of the earth’s biodiversity has been lost over the past four decades which is an astonishing number. The population of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians has declined by 60%. These numbers are threatening because the extinction of species leads towards disturbance in the balance of nature and adversely affects the food chain and ecosystem. These facts should not be ignored as about 27% species of the total known species are on the verge of extinction.

Spreading the word

There is a dire need of spreading awareness among the public so that such measures can be taken which pave the way for eradicating and minimizing extinction. The imbalance in nature and ecosystems is the leading cause behind the threat posed to the existence of many species. A single organization or a few groups can never achieve the balance of nature back. It is rather a goal that can be only accomplished if global collaboration is offered. Every single human, on an individual level, needs to take steps for the prevention of this destruction of nature and earth. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of every member of the human race. If we don’t start being conscious about nature, we might survive, but the generations to come might not. If this situation goes on, Homo Sapiens might become endangered in a decade or two, and might cease to live after a few. Every individual needs to be informed of the consequential threat that the world is facing so that preventive measures can be taken and changes in behaviors as the leading species are brought about before it’s too late to react and all we are left with is regret.

Inform the little ones too

Along with spreading awareness among the adults and well-informed individuals, we should not forget the little kids who will be the face of the future, whose actions will decide the fate of the earth. Young minds are easy to mold so it’s vital to inculcate a sense of responsibility within them so they can become an asset for tomorrow. We need to devise such attractive strategies for young children that are both successful and engaging. They are too young to understand that by themselves, but this can be done by delivering it in a facile way. The best option to do this is using dinosaur puppets like those available at Only dinosaurs to execute puppet shows. Puppetry is found to be extremely convenient and fruit-bearing in the context of communicating with children. Thus, if this message is conveyed using puppet shows, it is going to weigh more as it will not only attract the kids but they will interactively learn the message.

Now one might ask why to do it specifically using dinosaur puppets. The answer to this question is pretty easy and logical. The dinosaurs are the most famous extinct species, that although lived millions of years ago, still have an impression on the minds of people because of the discovery of their fossils and the curiosity to know what earth was like when they existed. Every child ‘knows’ dinosaurs, and they also know that dinosaurs don’t exist now. So what can be better than an extinct species warning them about the extinction of further species? The message needs to be communicated that such a ferocious species ended up being extinct because of changes in the ecosystem in the past and today, we are facilitating such circumstances again. The only difference is that the abrupt changes in the ecosystem at the time were facilitated by nature but this time, humans are the facilitators. There is an ample mix of dinosaur puppets available at Only Dinosaurs and other such stores, which can be utilized to fabricate the desired puppet shows. The dinosaur puppets at these shows will deliver the seriousness of this issue explaining what it means when a species is endangered and the concept of extinction. For the puppet shows to be effective, one needs to make sure that they are engaging. Along with the content of information shared, the dinosaur puppets and the ventriloquist also play a significant part. Children will not be able to develop their interest in the show if the dinosaur puppets are dull and boring. So, interactive puppets like those from Only Dinosaurs that can blink their eyes and move their heads and necks should be utilized. Moreover, the ventriloquists need to be highly professional so that the puppets are not only visually appealing but their voices are also impactful. There are other dinosaur-themed items also available at Only Dinosaurs and similar stores that can be used to add further details to the puppet show and make it even more appealing.

The dinosaur puppet shows should revolve around Dinosaurs’ own story of distinction in a captivating way. They should also throw light on the activities and carelessness of human beings that have led to this situation. The dinosaur puppet shows need to be emotionally engaging as children are more likely to be moved by things that affect them emotionally. The plot should be designed such that it shows the misery of other creatures whose lives are devastated by human activities. Other animal puppets like tigers and orangutans available at Only Dinosaurs and similar stores can also be used so that children can know that these animals are also endangered and might extinct shortly. Such shows need to be presented worldwide in schools, parks, and science fairs so that the cause can be spread.

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Five Pandemic Family Bonding Activities You Try Soon

Families have traditional ways of bonding and having fun moments, such as eating meals together, reading stories before sleeping, and going on weekend travels. However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic makes it hard to just go out and do these things since there is the ever-present threat of catching the deadly virus.

These days, families are almost entirely relegated to bonding at the comfort and safety of their homes, but it shouldn’t stop them from making these activities as fun and memorable as possible. If you’re looking for inspiration on how you could have a great time as a family, you’d be happy to know that there a lot of awesome bonding activities that you can have with your family without exposing yourself to potential COVID-19 exposure.

Here are five bonding ideas that you should consider during the COVID-19 pandemic (and beyond):

  1. Take a trip to a licensed chiropractic clinic. At the height of COVID-19, there were a lot of viral videos that showed the funny reactions of people who were visiting a chiropractic clinic for the first time, documented for posterity by their loved ones. Thus, a visit to a licensed chiropractor is a fun and memorable bonding activity that you should consider. Not only could it lead to your own viral moment (judging from the totally candid reactions of those who had their first chiropractic experience), but it could also have therapeutic benefits, especially if the family member has an underlying chiropractic condition. However, there should still be COVID-19 precautions, like going only to a clinic that is certified COVID-free.
  2. Explore your green thumb potential. It came as a total surprise when home gardening became an overnight hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. And since we’re still technically not in the clear yet as regards the threat of COVID-19, you should strongly consider exploring your green thumb potential as a way of bonding as a family. You can create a small family garden if you have an available spot on your lawn or backyard or you can explore the idea of putting some indoor plants and set up a rock garden inside with your plants as the centerpieces.
  3. Embark on a backyard treasure or scavenger hunt. If you’ve watched the 2018 iteration of the Tomb Raider franchise, you probably know that part of the scenes showed how Lara Croft and her father used to engage in games where she had to solve mechanical puzzles as a sort of treasure hunt. Well, you can pull off your own version of a Tomb Raider movie by holding a treasure or scavenger hunt in your backyard. You can devise riddles, place hidden clues, and prepare a treasure box with goodies that you know the kids will love. This will surely be a fun and exciting bonding activity that will also test your kids’ ability to solve problems and find patterns.
  4. Set up an outdoor movie viewing experience. Movies are always a great chance to spend quality time with your family. And since movie houses are not a safe spot to be enjoying your favorite flick right now, you can do the next best thing and set up an outdoor movie viewing spot. This should not be a costly affair since you would only need an LCD projector (which you can borrow from friends or rent for a few dollars), a white cloth or projector screen, and a laptop or tablet that can be hooked to the LCD projector. You can ask the kids to pick the titles they like, download them online or use a streaming service like Netflix, and enjoy the movies in such a relaxing setting. Of course, don’t forget the popcorn!
  5. Turn to the stars. Spending time outdoors has a therapeutic and relaxing effect that is hard to achieve elsewhere. With this, you should consider doing some stargazing and turn to the stars for a chance to bond with your family. You can make this outdoor bonding activity more fun for the kids by brushing up on your astronomy knowledge and studying the usual constellation one sees on a clear evening sky. You can then point them out to your children one by one and tell them their names or give a brief lecture about their background story or mythology.

Keep in mind that staying sane and occupied amid the pandemic is critical to your family’s mental health. With these five bonding ideas, you can stay in high spirits, strengthen your family bond, and achieve all these without exposing anyone to the deadly virus.

Meta Title: Bond Over These Five Pandemic Activities With Your Family

Meta Description: Your family’s bonding moments amid the COVID-19 pandemic can be made even fun and memorable if you do things that are out of the box. Here are five pandemic bonding activities you should try soon.


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Some People Are Just Not Ready For Retirement.

We all have an image in our heads about retirement and all that it entails. We are picturing sunny days and lots of cold beer with our friends and family. Every day is going to be a new adventure, and with the right planning, you can do something different every day. You can take in 18 holes of golf and still have time to have lunch and a few beers with your mates. This is the picture that we have, but in reality retirement can be very difficult for some particular segments of society. I am, of course, talking about people who work as first responders, and for them retirement always comes too soon.

Statistics tell us that people who are involved in jobs such as being a police officer, a fireman or an EMT, find it a lot more difficult to step back from their jobs, and so it is fair to say that there are concerns for EMT retirement well-being. These are people who’ve been on the front line for over 40 years and now there are being put out to pasture. This can be a difficult time because they feel that they have so much more to offer, but retirement is mandatory and there is nothing they can do about it. There are many downsides to retirement and we will try to cover just a couple of them here today.

  • Far too much time – When you are working, you are always complaining that you don’t have enough time to yourself so that you can spend it with family and friends. However, when retirement comes along you have all the time in the world, and in fact, you probably have too much of it. Each day tends to run into the next and after a time, you just can’t come up with anything new that you want to do. You’re going to get bored and this will lead to depression, and your physical and mental well-being will begin to suffer.
  • Not enough money – Before when you’re working, there were always opportunities to do overtime and to make more money. Now that you are retired, you will be on a fixed retirement income and you might not be able to live the life that you have grown accustomed to. This can be a very difficult transition and one that many people find the most difficult. Not being able to buy something that you want is massively demotivating, and once you start cutting corners, you might make poor decisions with regard to your welfare.

These are only two of the downsides of retirement and there are many more. It is important that we go into retirement understanding what lies ahead, and realizing that it’s not a bed of roses.

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