Guide to select the right kitchen colour scheme

Painting or repainting the kitchen should be done after thorough planning. Although it may seem easy, picking the right colour for your kitchen can be quite difficult. There are a number of things that you have to take into consideration before choosing the colour. If you end up choosing the wrong colour, the overall appeal of your kitchen design might diminish. To help you choose the right modular kitchen colour combinations, mentioned below are a few tips shared by renowned interior designing experts:

01 of 05 Your kitchen colour should reflect the mood you want

While choosing your modular kitchen colour combinations, you must keep in mind that different colours set a different mood. Hence, you must choose a colour according to the mood you want to set in the kitchen. Otherwise, the mood will be off and you will not enjoy working in your kitchen. You must always determine the mood you want for your kitchen before purchasing paint. For example, lighter and neutral hues are great options if you want a kitchen design with a relaxed and peaceful feel. On the other hand, choose bright colours to create a more vibrant kitchen design.

02 of 05 Ensure that the colour complements the existing decor

Irrespective of what modular kitchen colour combinations you choose, you must always keep in mind that the colour should complement the existing decor. If you are completely renovating your kitchen and opting for new cabinets and appliances, you must wait till you finish before choosing the colour. Once your kitchen appliance and fitting installations are done, you can have a clearer idea about how it is looking. Then it will be easier to pick the right colour for the kitchen that will complement the rest of the elements in the current decor. Fetch a few paint samples from any nearby store and try to find out how they look in that decor.

03 of 05 Choose the kitchen lighting carefully

Besides allowing you to work properly in the kitchen, lighting has a huge impact on the paint appeal. While choosing a new paint colour for your kitchen, try to determine how the colour will appear under natural light and artificial light. Once you know how the paint colour will appear under the different types of lights, you can make a better decision while choosing the paint colour. In many cases, while some colours may appear great under artificial light, they appear very dull and boring under natural light. You must try to avoid such paint colours so that the kitchen design appears appealing at all times. You can ask your seller about suggestions if you are not sure.

04 of 05 Consider the layout of the house

Many home designs feature an open layout. In such home designs, there is very little separation between two rooms. Hence, you have to be careful while choosing the kitchen paint colour so that it complements the design of the neighboring rooms. For instance, if the kitchen walls flow into your dining space, you must choose colours that easily blend with or complement each other. This will help to create a more appealing kitchen design. Otherwise, the colour schemes may clash with each other.

05 of 05 Test with different colours

You do not want to find out that the paint colour is inappropriate for your kitchen design after painting an entire wall. To save both time and money, you should plan a paint test and find the perfect colour. This will ensure that the kitchen design looks great. It is a very simple task and will not consume a lot of time. You must start with painting just a small part of your kitchen corner and see how it looks. If you like the shade and want the same colour on the entire wall, you can continue painting. However, you can use a different colour if you do not like it. If you have hired professionals for the task, ask them to perform a paint test and take approval from you before painting the entire kitchen.