Christmas Decor Hanging Hacks That Won’t Damage Your Walls

The garlands and tinsel have been unrolled, new stockings have been bought, and rolls of string lights have been tested. You’re ready to start decorating for Christmas!

But one thing may be in your way, and that’s the logistics of decorating. If you live in a rental, in particular, nailing things to your walls, ceilings, and banisters is prohibited. And even if you live in your own home, using nails and screws to hang your holiday decorations leaves unsightly holes and marks on surfaces once it’s time to pack everything back up.

Don’t fret, though, because we know a technique or four that can solve your Christmas decoration hanging dilemma. Keep your home festive all season by following these holiday decor hanging hacks:

     1. Fasten with floral wires.

Floral wires are extremely bendable, thin wires usually used to reinforce the stems of flowers to make beautiful bouquets. But these wires are also often used to secure one thing onto another, like bows to wreaths.

Since they come in every color imaginable, floral wires are the perfect fasteners when you want to wrap and secure garland down your banister. You can also decorate your windows with tinsel by placing it against the curtain rod and securing it with the wire wrapped around the rod.

     2. Tie them with twine.

Give your home a little more of a rustic look this Christmas by using twine as a holiday decoration fastener.

You can hang ornaments on strings of twine and wrap it around a curtain rod to make your windows look festive. Do the same in other parts of your house and utilize the surfaces where you can wrap the twine around something without hammering a nail into the walls.

     3. Go for good ol’ glue.

One of the easiest ways to attach Christmas decorations in your home is to glue them directly. Some paper decor, like cutouts of snowmen or snowflakes, you can stick to your walls and other surfaces using regular liquid glue. When the season’s over, and you need to remove them, peeling them off will be a breeze!

Like a string of lights or garlands, heavy or bulkier decorations can stick to surfaces using hot glue. Just beware that hot glue can peel off paint and melt certain surfaces like stucco.

     4. Hold them up with hooks.

If you want a multipurpose hanging solution not just for your Christmas decorations but also for your regular home decor, Command hooks are the best choice. These hooks feature a non-damaging double-sided adhesive tape on the back and come in different sizes, perfect for holding light to heavy items.

For your Christmas decorations, you can use Command hooks to hold up the wreath on your door, stockings on the fireplace, and garlands on different surfaces. When the holiday season is over, the Command hooks you stuck to your walls can hold up different decor pieces, such as wall art and picture frames.

With these creative solutions to putting up and securing your seasonal decorations, you can keep your home festive without permanently damaging your walls, mantels, windows, and other surfaces of your home.