A Non-Artist’s Guide to Buying Artwork for Home Décor

There are various elements you can add to your home decor to elevate its aesthetic beauty. One of the most common items used by homeowners for this purpose is beautiful artwork. There are various types of artwork available in the market. You must choose options that complement your personal taste and home decor. However, not everyone has a good sense of art and may find it difficult to pick an option. If you are experiencing difficulty as well, here are a few tips you can consider:

01 of 06 Focus on one particular style

You can easily find different types of artwork designs. While some have a simple and minimalist look, others are vibrant and bold. When choosing them, you must try to floor one single theme. This will help to bring more uniformity to your house design. If you do not want to follow the same theme throughout the entire house, you must at least choose similar options for a room. It will help to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the space. If you want to attract more attention to it, consider choosing an option that is vibrant and adds more textures to the space. You can make it the focal point of the room as well. Common themes you can consider are folk, tribal, and even abstract.

02 of 06 Choose timeless folk art when you are not sure

If you are not sure about what artwork you should get for your home decor, consider opting for folk arts. They have always been a popular choice in Indian homes and are expected to stay in vogue in the coming decades. Experts believe folk art paintings like Warli and Tanjore paintings will stay around for centuries. You can never go wrong with your home decor with such classic art forms.

03 of 06 Choose imitations of famous paintings

Adding a beautiful painting of one of the renowned painters can certainly enhance the appeal of the room. But, not everyone has the money to afford such expensive paintings. However, this should not stop you from decorating your home the way you want. Instead of buying famous paintings, you can buy imitations that look exactly like famous paintings. You can easily find such options in the market at very cheap prices. However, do not end up buying from local vendors at really cheap prices. Some of them might have defects. Look for good-quality paintings that appear elegant and perfectly mimic the original version.

04 of 06 Give opportunities to local artists

Hand-painted murals can be a great addition to your house design. However, making great hand-painted murals is not a piece of cake and you cannot hire renowned professionals for the task. This is why you should give opportunities to local artists. You will be surprised to see how many great local artists are present in your area. Talk to them and understand their painting technique. Look at their past work and share your requirements if you like their portfolio. This will allow you to create a great home design spending very little money.

05 of 06 The placement is crucial

When buying artwork for homes, people only take into account the design. However, before you can decide on the design of the artwork, you will have to decide where you want to place it. Once you determine the space, you will be able to understand what will suit your home’s interior design better. You can choose artwork for many different parts of your home. You can hang them on the walls to elevate the space and add more visual interest. If you want to place it on the floor and against a wall, framed large artwork will be more apt. You can fill up empty spaces on your furniture with small pieces for an appealing look as well.

06 of 06 Be careful when choosing the size

Size is a crucial factor because it can impact the look of the overall room. You should not end up choosing options that appear either too small or too large for the space. It will diminish the room’s aesthetic appeal. Very carefully choose the size depending on the home interior design and position. To choose the right size of the artwork, measure the space where you want to place it and then multiply the width and length by .57 and .75 respectively. Experts often follow this trick to choose the right size of artwork for the space. However, you can always experiment with the size of the painting. Sometimes, people choose to hang one large piece on the wall to attract more attention. In other cases, many people hang small multiple paintings on the wall to create a wall gallery and elevate the appeal of the space.