7 Fun Water Sports & Activities To Try In 2022

There are a number of reasons why individuals would want to begin practicing a water sport. Even those living far from a coast or lake may find themselves drawn toward bodies of water, wanting to swim or paddle across them. It isn’t only the natural beauty of water either, or that many areas and views are only accessible by traversing water. In fact, water sports have a number of physical and mental health benefits too.

Then, aside from the many benefits toward personal wellbeing, water sports are also fun! The appeal of plunging into refreshing water, in both hot and cold climates, is one that many find themselves charmed by, which is why many water sports and activities also have regional groups, making them social affairs too. If you’re new to water sports and would like to pick one up, then here are eight of the most popular to inspire you.


Having your own compact watercraft within which you can explore lakes, rivers, and shores is a liberating experience, which is why kayaking remains so popular. Take to any body of water and paddle across, whether you’re looking for a gentle and relaxing experience or want to push your upper body strength and go against the tide for an exciting challenge.


Swimming has always been one of the most popular low-impact activities, being a great way to improve your physical fitness. However, it is also a wonderful way to explore and, with the rise of wild swimming, a gateway into new adventures too.


There are few experiences more fulfilling than paddling your way across the water, whether to a hidden respite or a beautiful vista. It is for this reason that paddleboarding has become widely popular and with groups found all over the world. All you need is a board and, while it can be hard to know which is best, there are many designed for newcomers, serving well to simply get you out on the water.


Sailing is more physically demanding than many realize and there is a substantial learning curve too, especially for those that want to begin charting waters on their own. However, crossing this initial hurdle is worth the time and effort because, once well-equipped and confident, an entirely new landscape is open to exploration.

Scuba Diving

If exploration is what motivates you, then scuba diving might be the activity most suited to your interests. Some refer to the ocean as the final frontier of adventure, with only around 5% of earth’s waters being explored. Scuba diving opens this world up to you, placing you alongside marine life and stunning, hidden landscapes.


Long associated with excessively luxurious endeavors, water skiing is actually a widely popular sport. To master the water at such speeds requires dexterity and strength, giving many thrillseekers just the challenge they desire.


Whether you’re on the East or West coast, there is certain to be an excellent shore for surfing nearby. This water sport has long been associated with California and many do still make the pilgrimage to surf the golden sands of Los Angeles. However, the East Coast, especially in Florida, is becoming just as celebrated with great breaks found up and down the state.