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5 tips to relieve back pain in pregnancy

During pregnancy, the happiness and excitement residing within a woman can’t be explained in words. The first semester goes smoothly for her with little or no challenges. From the second semester, some health issues start to affect her. Back pain is the most common one out of them.

Back pain during pregnancy becomes a challenge that every woman faces. The primary cause of back pain is the production of relaxin, a hormone that loosens the ligaments. In pregnancy, the centre of gravity and weight changes too. So, all these are responsible for back pain in pregnancy. Stress can also play the main role in elevating back pain.

Knowing the causes is crucial before proceeding with the essential tips that can relieve back pain. We are going to study about both here.

1) Maintaining good posture

As your baby keeps growing in the uterus, the center of gravity shifts forward. Women try to avoid this by leaning back but end up getting pelvic girdle pain (PGP). The pain stretches from the middle-lower back to hips, which span from the middle-lower back area all the way around to your hips.

Leaning backward also increases the lower back curve that can be the leading cause of low back pain in pregnancy. Hence, maintaining a good posture is key to avoid back pain during pregnancy. While standing put the weight on the heels. Moreover, do not keep the feet close in the standing position.

Sitting in one place for prolonged hours can increase back pain. Keep your body close to the sitting edge for maintaining mobility in the pelvis.

2) Sleep on the side

Do you know that sleeping on your back puts strain on the bones and muscles? This is why it is recommended to sleep on your side. Make sure you keep one or both knees bent. You can also use support pillows between your bent knees for a comfortable sleep.

3) Meditation

You may be thinking about how meditation can provide relief from back pain during pregnancy, right? It’s the easiest thing to do from any place you want. When you meditate, the brain responds to it by releasing stress-relaxing hormones. Keeping stress under control can save you from various health effects like increased blood pressure, headache, and so on. Apart from that, meditation boosts the pain tolerance level so you can have great control over your situation.

4) Exercise

By performing exercise regularly, you build stronger and flexible muscles that can relieve stress on spinal bones. The best recommended exercises for pregnant women are swimming, walking, squats against the wall, and cat post. Take the help from physical therapy to know what’s better for your body. Stretching your back is also a great idea. Your physical therapist or healthcare provider will suggest the right stretching exercises. Besides, don’t bend too much for picking up an object from the ground. This can lead to severe back pain in pregnancy.

5) Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are experts at giving relief from back pain during pregnancy with gentle care. They use smart techniques like joint manipulation, soft tissue work, and other exercises for preventing women from feeling excruciating back pain. It’s effective and safe when done under the care of an expert.


Physical therapy, deep breathing, wearing the right shoes, sitting on an ergonomic chair, and there are many other aspects that a pregnant woman has to consider when she is pregnant. For a healthy and well-developed baby, taking care of yourself is the most important thing. Don’t just rely on these 5 tips because depending on your body, your healthcare can give some other tips to cope with back pain. However, we will suggest trying Moov Strong gel for rapid relief from back pain during pregnancy.