3 ways to decide where to go for family vacation

Deciding where to go for a family vacation can be such a difficult decision to make that some people end up not going at all because they couldn’t make the decision. Well, if you are one of those people who have a hard time deciding a (randonnée en famille) family hike destination, you are not alone. In this article, in intend to make things a bit easier on you by discussing ways that you can employ to decide on a good family destination to take your loved ones the following summer.

Fill in the blank: I’ve always wanted to go ____

We all have that one place we have always wanted to visit so badly but we have been able to. Well, if you are making this decision as a family, this is a good time to consider going to that place. You could have every member of the family give a suggestion about where they would like to visit. From there, you can then start visiting the said places each time you want to go on a vacation until you have exhausted everyone’s desire.

Ask nearby friends for recommendations

There is always no harm in asking for help from your friends, other family members, colleagues, and even neighbors. You can bet they all have that one experience that they wish someone else could have. Asking the people around you is a good idea, especially when you are working on tight budget and wouldn’t want to take any chances. You can use the social media to ask friends in your locality about where they have vacationed before and if they would recommend the place for you and your family. You can give some parameters to help shape the recommendation from your friends and the other people you ask.

Follow family travel bloggers

I am assuming that you are one of those people who use social media. If you do, then it is time to start following those family travel bloggers you come across on the platforms. Find as many family travel bloggers and influencers and follow them on social media. Following them will allow you to access the content they post about the places they have been and the places they recommend other people to visit with their families. Usually, they have a lot of content on travel destination locally, nationally and even globally.